Benefits of Dog Daycare

If your dog appears to have endless energy, shows destructive behaviour when left alone, or is anxious or lonely, then dog daycare may be considered a smart way to help. There are lots of benefits associated with dog daycare services, and you might be surprised just how much a weekly play-date can improve yours and your dog’s life.

Most Dogs are Extroverts
Dogs are incredibly social animals, and although many dogs adapt well to your routines, some dogs aren’t as excited about spending the day alone when you start your day to day routine. Any extroverted person can attest to the fact that spending that enough time alone can be frustrating, depressing, and can result in unhealthy habits.

There are lots of ways to keep your pet entertained when they are alone, like puzzle toys or natural chews, but even these can only just occupy your pet for such a long time. Eventually, they’ll finish with whatever distraction that you leave them, and they will be looking for another activity.


The average indivdual works an 8 hour workday. Once you factor in your commute, errands, and social activities, your dog could be spending 10+ hours alone everyday. Aside from the obvious dependence on bathroom breaks, 10 hours alone can get very boring. It’s easy to understand why your pet acts out.

While it’s true that some dogs will sleep all day long if they’re left alone, this kind of sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy permanent. Having less mental and physical exercise can result in weight issues, mobility issues and destructive boredom behaviours.

To prevent this, you will need to find ways to provide activities for your pet on a regular basis, even though you are away. Dog daycare’s are a great option to keep your pet busy preventing undesired behaviours caused by boredom or loneliness.

Great things about Dog Daycare
Dog day cares is very popular and accessible. Daycare offers a number of services and types of facilities that will provide your pet with the stimulation that they have to keep them active and happy.

To help describe the great things about dog daycare, we connected with some local experts from The Dog House within Edmonton, Alberta. They provided us with some valuable information about dog daycare services to help you decide if daycare is a good choice for your pet.

1. Safe Socializing
Safe Socializing

If your dog can be an only child, doesn’t have many dog friends, or has terrible recall, opportunities to socialize with other dogs and folks may be limited. Dog daycare provides a safe and handled environment for your pet to experience with other dogs of most sizes, breeds, and personalities.

YOUR DOG House team is amply trained in dog behaviour and body gestures. They work hard to ensure each dog is having a confident experience, plus they facilitate new experience for dogs that haven’t possessed the possibility to socialize all the.

They allow dogs to activate in supervised playtime at their own pace. For shy dogs, this routine can help build confidence and good manners.

Every dog differs, and their habits, personalities, and energy vary. Allowing each dog to enjoy their experience in their own way lets your dog properly express themselves and sort out any stored energy without being overwhelmed.

2. Physical Exercise
Physical Exercise

Less lively lifestyles can be damaging to both their bodies and minds. Dogs who spend a lot of time alone can figure out how to adjust to this slow-paced routine, but by limiting their physical and mental activity, they may be susceptible to weight issues, mobility issues, overeating, and poor digestion.

Weekly or even daily daycare sessions will keep your dog dynamic both physically and mentally. Very full of energy dogs will gain greatly from dog daycare, as they will be in a position to run and play to their heart’s content, tuckering them out before home time.

Managing weight in some dogs can be a challenge, in particular when they don’t have any desire to play or exercise a few of that weight off. Daycare provides a supportive environment that allows your fat or lazy dog to be worked up about physical exercise. This will help reduce weight and build muscle.

Pro Tip:
Dog daycare is particularly valuable in winter season when we are less likely to venture in to the frigid weather. You could maintain their physical routine without either of you risking hypothermia and frostbite.

3. Separation Anxiety Cure
Separation Anxiety Cure

When you have a puppy that suffers from separation anxiety, then you understand that it’s hard on you both. Without some kind of outlet and communal environment, your pet can feel very anxious about being left alone.

They could spend their day crying, howling, licking, chewing, or consumed with stress and anxious. It’s hard to view and know that your dog is suffering.

We should go to work or school, or whatever your day to day routine is, and dog daycare makes it possible for you to achieve that without leaving your pet alone to stew in their loneliness.

Even though you aren’t using daily dog daycare services, weekly interpersonal interaction, especially in group set-ups, can help provide your pet with the experience and structure they are craving. While it might not completely cure separation anxiety in all dogs, it is a healthy way to limit alone time.

Pro Tip:
Schedule daycare for your longest work days. If you have to work late, have longer classes, or have errands to run on your way home, this is the best day to send those to daycare. Just be sure to select a daycare that is open up late.

4. Maintains Routine
Maintains Routine

When you are home, your dog has a routine. This consists of feeding times, playtime, bathroom breaks, and even naps. Working long hours may affect that routine.

Consistent routines and composition are essential for dogs, just like these are for kids. Daycare can facilitate composition throughout the day that is more regular using their preferred routines at home.

Frequent bathroom breaks and regular feeding times can improve digestion and urinary system health, as well as assist in weight reduction and calorie distribution.

Consider your morning routine. You get yourself ready, you supply your dog, let them out to use the facilities, and then hit the road.

Their food continues to be digesting, but you can find nowhere for those calories going, similar to you having a major meal before bed. It’s not really a healthy eating habit.

Structuring their daily activities can help overly excited dogs pace themselves as well. Dogs with limited mobility, senior pets, and even puppies can overdo it without realizes the consequences. The daycare staff can split up playtime and activities into more manageable chunks of your time.

YOUR DOG House team have obtained professional-level dog or cat care education and truly value your dog’s daycare experience, safety, and their specific needs. At daycare, your pet can learn new games, both from the staff and the other canines, and will provide continual mental stimulation to keep your dog’s brain active.

Pro Tip:
Ask your daycare what kind of activities your pet most enjoys taking part in. There could be some games that you are able to try at home throughout your one-on-one playtime to help encourage activity and strengthen your bond.

5. Satisfaction
Pro Tip

Approaching home to a destroyed house, damaged property, “accidents”, or even just a very sad pup can be tense. It’s easy to get frustrated and reprimand your pet because of their actions, however the simple truth is, their actions are letting you know that they are upset.

Enrolling your pet in daycare will rid you of the stress and worry of what you might go back home to. You should have the peace of mind in realizing that they are simply happy and safe, therefore is your home, your other dogs, as well as your neighbours.